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‎After 1pm EST, Expedited Orders are NOT Guaranteed to Ship Same Day | UPS Ground Processing Time is 1-3 Business Days ‏‏‎ Going to SEMA? See What's NEW from Milton Industries • Booth #37183 • Nov. 5-8 • Las Vegas, NV

Tommy User Guide

Tommy User Guide



  1. FOR FORD APPLICATIONS: Before mounting the Wheel Hub Flange Assembly (image “C”), remove the (4) bearing hub bolts from the rear of the knuckle, the axle nut, and the (5) wheel mounting studs as well as the screws that secure the back plate. It is not necessary to completely remove the backplate, however it is preferred because it provides additional clearance for the mounting fasteners. If left intact, simply rotate the back plate to allow a flat contact surface of the Tommy push rods against the knuckle. FOR SUBARU APPLICATIONS: LEAVE THE AXLE NUT IN PLACE and remove the ABS break sensor (2015-2020 rear), the five wheel mounting studs, the four bearing hub bolts and the parking brake assembly. For electronic emergency brake applications, see image “E” and proceed to step 2 (on next page).

  2. With the ProMAXX Logo facing you as shown in image “A”, screw the three push rods into the top plate in the locations marked (1) and hand tighten for Ford applications. For Subaru applications, slip the notched push rods into the top plate straddling the bearing. Then secure by placing the included nylon and neoprene flat washer on the pushrod with the nylon washer on top . Tighten with the knurled hand nut so that the pushrod is firmly secured. TIP: Place the three pushrods into the bearing hub to identify the matching location of each pushrod on the top plate. Mark the location with a paint stick for future uses in Ford or Subaru.

  3. Place a thin film of the included Tommy Extreme Pressure Lithium grease on the push rods and assemble Tommy by passing the mounted push rods over the wheel hub flange assembly. Ensure that the push rod protrudes through the bearing hub and straddle the bearing hub as shown in image “B”. Now that you have determined which of the three-wheel mounting holes you will use for the push rods, use the (2) hex bolts, flat washers, and hex nuts placed through two remaining two holes in the hub to secure the wheel hub assembly as shown in image “D”. TIP. Leave the push rods in the flange so they operate operate freely without binding while you tighten the two mounting bolts. Check these while periodically while using your impact gun and air hammer as they may loosen.

  4. Now assembled, tighten the two mounting bolts securely, using caution, to ensure that the Tommy wheel hub flange assembly is precisely parallel to the bearing hub and ALL FIVE LEVELING SCREWS THAT ARE PRE-INSTALLED IN TOMMY ARE IN CONTACT WITH THE WHEEL MOUNTING FLANGE. If any of the five leveling screws are not in contact with the bearing hub, loosen the extraction bolt and tighten the two (2) hex mounting bolts until all leveling screws make contact. When using your air hammer check often to ensure they have not vibrated loose. Tighten as necessary.

  5. Add a “golf ball” size amount of TOMMY heavy duty EXTREME PRESSURE wheel bearing grease to the threads of the extraction bolt. Apply the grease under and between the two (2) bearing flange washers and the flange of the extraction bolt. Insert the extraction bolt through the push rod flange into the hub flange assembly as shown in image “A” (previous page). BALL JOINT GREASE WILL NOT PROVIDE SUFFICIENT LUBRICATION FOR USE OF THE DEVICE. Check to make sure each push rod is in equal contact to the vehicle knuckle that straddles the wheel bearing hub. Ensure that all push rods are, once again, seated flat against the back plate if intact. The TOMMY Subaru Model includes 360° adjustable pushrods with notched tips. These can be turned to the correct angle to fully make contact with the knuckle. For Subaru 2015 and newer models without the emergency brake, utilize the two (2) TOMMY PushRod Plates to improve the rigidity of the stock Subaru backing plate as in image “E”. Simply add some ProMAXX® grease to the rear of the backing plate to act as an adhesive to hold them in place until they are in contact with the Tommy push rods.

  6. Using a pneumatic air hammer, pre-strike (shock) all four mounting corners of the bearing hub for a minimum of five seconds at an angle as if to rotate the bearing hub. Using a high-torque impact gun, attach a 1 ¼” impact socket and turn the extraction bolt until it makes contact with the push rod flange. Tighten for five (5) seconds putting the entire assembly under tension and then STOP. Using an air hammer once again, strike the base of the bearing housing at an angle for a minimum of five seconds each (as if you are trying to rotate the bearing hub assembly). Avoid striking the lobes where the mounting threads are - deforming these will prevent the TOMMY tool from mounting see image “F.”

ProMAXX® warrants this product to the original purchaser for its useful life against deficiencies in material and workmanship. This LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY does not cover normal wear and tear, and if it is used incorrectly, abused, altered or repaired. Deficient products will be replaced or repaired.

Always use OSHA approved safety glasses/googles and protective gloves while using this device and performing this operation.


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