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After 1pm EST, Expedited Orders are NOT Guaranteed to Ship Same Day | UPS Ground Processing Time is 1-3 Business Days
After 1pm EST Expedited Orders are NOT Guaranteed to Ship Same Day | UPS Ground Processing Time is 1-3 Business Days

Nico User Guide

Nico User Guide



This is a critical machining operation. It is imperative you follow the instructions precisely to get the best results.

  1. Remove fuel lines and fuel injectors (using ProMAXX® PowerPull fuel injector puller PMXPWP100PRO) and set aside.

  2. Remove the valve cover and only those corresponding valve train components necessary to gain access to the broken injector hold-down bolt.

  3. Cover and protect all open cylinder head cavities from cutting debris. Remove any remaining portion of the fastener that protrudes above the surface of the cylinder head. Thoroughly clean the injector passage hole with an appropriate solvent prior to mounting NICO.

  4. Once cleaned, insert NICO into the injector passage of the cylinder head with the nylon flange side down between the two exhaust valves as shown below.

  5. Using a 9/16” wrench or socket, hand tighten the chrome hex nut until NICO is securely anchored in the cylinder head so it does not move. Once anchored, turn the hex nut one additional half rotation and insert ProBushing PPB5125 until it seats.

  6. Avoid using an electric/air powered ratchet as damage to the NICO expandable flange will result.

  7. Check the depth of the open injector hold-down-bolt and mark your tooling bit approximately two (2) inches from the point of the drill bill up the shank. Mark it with a line or tape to ensure proper clearance to eliminate damage the cylinder head.

  8. Insert the ProDrill SPJC125 bit into a 3/8” capacity air drill. Place the bit through the cap of the ProLube bottle and gasket. For subsequent steps, place just one drop on the end of the ProDrill and ProBushing, and repeat as necessary.

  9. Before drilling continuously, IT IS CRITICAL to toggle, or bump, your drill on/off for five one-second intervals while applying light pressure. This process will maintain precise alignment by creating a “seat” or “divot” for the drill bit preventing the bit from walking or drifting off center.

  10. Begin drilling continuously according to the enclosed drill speed chart. Remove and replace the bushing/bit PPB5125/SPJC125 with PPB5188/SPJC188, PPB5266/SPJC266 and repeat the steps above. Replace PPB5266 with PPB5320 and using a 3/8” drive tap holder or tap handle, attach the ProTap PPT008. Add one drop of ProLube to each flute of the tap and begin chasing the threads by slowly turning the tap clockwise then counterclockwise, a half-turn at a time, stopping frequently to force compressed air down the flute to clean the tap. Repeat this process frequently and carefully until the tap stops cutting. CAUTION: DO NOT OVER-TORQUE TAP.

  11. Remove NICO from the cylinder head by loosening the chrome nut and then lightly tap the top of the nut with a plastic faced hammer to unlock it from the cylinder head. In the unlikely event a tap is fractured, contact ProMAXX® technical support.

OPTIONAL PROKIT PLUS USERS FOR THREAD REPAIR- Utilize the ProBushing PPB5420 with ProDrill SSSC420 and ProBushing PPB5485 with ProTap PPT012 and repeat the “stepped” machining process above. Add one drop of locking fluid (red) to the insert PPS008 and using insert tool (PPSTOLNIC) complete the installation.


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